This page is a directory of my contributions to the community. These are documentary and software resources for education and training, as well as improving the working techniques of photographers.



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The product of my work (software, information, and artistic production) is made available free of charge and its remuneration is based on voluntary contributions : if access is free, the production costs are not zero. This website alone requires about 250 h/year of original work (4 to 15 h per article, about 100 hours of development), costs more than 5500 €/year and serves about one million pages (240 GB) in two languages to more than 68,000 unique visitors every year since 2014. To respect your privacy, there are no ads, no social network trackers, and no third party statistics services. Make a difference, get involved !

Header photo : CC-BY-SA-NC 4.0 — Darix.