How about learning how to use darktable directly with the developer :

  • of the scene-referred workflow,
  • of filmic,
  • of the tone equalizer,
  • of the color balance,
  • of negadoctor,

face to face and live ?

I knew about darktable for a long time, but only used it a couple of times a year. After watching several hours of videos on Youtube, my results were ok-ish but it sill was neither as easy nor as fast as expected. I asked Aurelien for a lesson, where I managed to quickly understand concepts and principles guiding processing. Now my edits take far less time than previously and I am able to produce consistently good results.

Hubert Kowalski, (Poland)

I am a hobby photographer and use to edit JPEGs from camera using ACDSee. When I understood that JPEGs were limiting me, I wanted to take a leap and use RAWs for editing but I was lost with no starting point in darktable. After trying to watch videos and read articles, I was getting somewhere but it was still daunting. I took a lesson with Aurelien and it was all I needed to understand to get good results. Now all my photos are edited in darktable from RAWs.


Anna Kowalska, (Poland)


  1. Internet access allowing HD videoconferencing (minimum 1 Mb/s, ideally 4 Mb/s, up and down),
  2. have the latest darktable version installed,
  3. have photographs as raw files to edit,
  4. upload the pictures to edit on some cloud (Dropbox, Google Drive, Owncloud, etc.) the day before the class, so I can fetch them before starting.

#Make an appointement for a class

2021/07/28 , Aurélien Pierre :


est normalement occupé et plutôt disponible jusqu’au samedi 31 juillet 2021.


is busy as usual and mildly available until Saturday, July 31, 2021.